Yes, celebrity dads have fashion styles of their own believe it or not!  If you pay attention, most celeb dads have their own unique fashion sense.

Celeb Dad #1:  Johnny Depp


Johnny Depp has been the source of many females being drawn to his demeanor (still to this day!).  He has his own bad boy style and he makes no apologies for it in the least.

Celeb Dad #2:  Lenny Kravitz


This smooth and sensual celeb dad has always taken a chance in the fashion world with his eclectic style and won. I have yet to see a bad outfit on this amazing musician.

Celeb Dad #3:  David Beckham

Drool, drool! Ok, now that I have stopped salivating over this sexy ,celeb dad with the firm buns,,,, Ok, wait, I am not done drooling.

Celeb Dad #4:  Matthew Mcconaughey

Matthew McConaughey Wallpaper

This attractive dad has always had a certain look to him that is all his own.  It doesn’t hurt that he’s got a killer body and fabulous hair!

Celeb Dad #5:  Jay-Z

This hot Papa is a rapper that is going UP!   Jay-Z is married to Queen Bey and has a daughter, Blue Ivy.  What more could anyone ask for?

Celeb Dad #6:  Justin Timberlake


Justin has progressed from being in a boy band to being a successful solo artist. We forgive the ramin, noodle hair cut days of yore.

Celeb Dad #7:  Jimmie Fallon

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 09: Jimmy Fallon attends The Mario Batali Foundation Inaugural Honors Dinner at Del Posto Ristorante on September 9, 2012 in New York City. (Photo by Rob Kim/FilmMagic)

The funny man celeb dad has had a very lucrative career and always dressed the part for taking over the world.

Celeb Dad #8:  Patrick Stewart


This nicely aged actor still flutters hearts all over the world and is not going away any time soon! I still remember the Star Trek uniform he donned and looked great in. In his personal style, there is nothing to complain about there!

Celeb Dad #9:  Jared Padalecki


The supernatural star dad looks gorgeous and is still humble about it.  Nothing better than that!

Celeb Dad #10:  Vin Diesel


With a successful career under his belt, his fashion sense is utterly fabulous!

Celeb Dad #11:  Kevin Hart


Kevin Hart is rocking it when he steps out in public and has his own style to boot.

Celeb Dad#12:  Cristiano Ronaldo


When I think of Cristiano Ronaldo…..Oh yeah, I’m supposed to be doing an article here… lol. Sorry but yum!

Written by Cleo Neufeld

Cleo Neufeld

Cleo is a mother of one, in her mid-thirties, and she enjoys sharing today’s hottest trends, products, styles and ideas!