With winter weather on its way, we all end up with dry skin at some point. Here are some tips on how to keep your skin moisturized during those dry winter months.

Tip #1) Wash in Lukewarm Water


Hot showers and baths always feel divine in the cold winter, but when you can, especially when just washing your face or hands, choose lukewarm water to avoid removing many oils from the skin.

Tip #2) Moisturize When You Get Out of the Shower


This is an old wives’ tale but it’s one that works! When you get out of the shower, take your lotion and slather it on! Not only does it feel good but it helps keep the moisture in. True story!

Tip #3) Choose Your Moisturizer Carefully


Winter is a terrible time for skin. It’s the season where dry skin is king. But if you choose the right moisturizer, that dry skin issue won’t be a problem. Get an oil-based rather than a water-based lotion. This will help your skin keep the moisture in instead of letting it out and making your skin cells brittle and dry.

Tip #4) Protect Your Skin


As we already know that in summer you need to use sunscreen, the winter sun is just as damaging! Therefore, if you are going outside to do things, make sure to apply zinc oxide or titanium dioxide to your exposed skin.

Tip #5) Humidify


Your heating system will dry out the air. So, consider putting a humidifier in your home, particularly your bedrooms in order to prevent your skin from drying out.

Tip #6) Drink Lots of H20

Glass filled with drinking water from tap, isolated on the white background.

We sometimes drink less water in the winter because we like hot drinks like cocoa and tea, but don’t forget to drink lots of water as well. A cup of warm water with lemon can be tasty and hydrating as well.

Tip #7) Overnight Moisturize


Dryer body parts such as hands, feet, elbows, and knees have thinner skin and will lose moisture quicker than other parts of the body. Try putting on a deep moisturizing balm at night, then wear cotton gloves and socks to seal in the moisture until morning.


Written by Cleo Neufeld

Cleo Neufeld

Cleo is a mother of one, in her mid-thirties, and she enjoys sharing today’s hottest trends, products, styles and ideas!