Weddings are a-coming this fall! But how does one stay on top of this? What color or trend should you follow? Well I’ve got the solution! Go with what YOU and YOUR GROOM like! It doesn’t get much simpler then that. I have some suggestions too! Check them out!

Metallic Crazy:


The upped version of sparkle and bling-bling has brought a few different options here with gold, silver, and metallic color assortments to every aspect of the embellishing process. Brides are turning to foil printing and stamped lettering to show a more modern sparkle element with their invitations and stationery. Rose gold and copper are the two anticipated colors to be the most requested shades for 2016.

Dusty Colors:


2016’s wedding colors looks to be leaning toward rustic and kitschy combos, such as dusty and pale with varying shades of blue, mint, sea foam, pale apple green, peach, blush, rose, pink sorbet, orange, sand, driftwood, gold, lilac, lavender, aubergine, and shades of grey. These colors can be paired with one another – mint and blue, apple green and rose, sand and lilac, aubergine and gold, etc. You got this!

Purple Floral Center Pieces:


The mix of purple and grey are a subtle mix that speaks volumes! That color combo makes for different yet elegant styles. It was voted in the top 5 color combinations for wedding floral bouquets a few years in a row and we can see why!

Mint Bridesmaids Dresses:


If you and your bridesmaids are the trendy sort, you and your girls will love the mint color. Its a subtle yet flirty color that’s on the up and coming. Plus when you look back years from now at your wedding album, your kids will see how hip and trendy you and your bridesmaids were back in the day!

Red Lehenga Trend:


Red Lehenga is an old yet new East Indian tradition. Red Lehenga is the most in demand color this year for eastern weddings. Fresh red colors and oh so attractive embroidery patterns that are infused with high end stones, bead and tilla work on crinkle chiffon fabrics which have the more fashionable fabric stitching and trendy everything!



Written by Cleo Neufeld

Cleo Neufeld

Cleo is a mother of one, in her mid-thirties, and she enjoys sharing today’s hottest trends, products, styles and ideas!