Ok, so you agreed to go camping. Now what? Going camping doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your clothing and style.  Here are a few clothing and style tips for when you camp:

Hack #1:  Wear Light Clothing
You are going to be hiking and moving around so you are probably going to sweat! If you wear light weight clothing, you will look stylish and not sweat as much! Plus you would look a bit ridiculous with a bar dress around the campfire.



Hack #2:  Avoid the Sun
Do get a tan at the tanning salon before you go camping.  Not only will it make you look fresh faced but you also won’t burn as easily.  It’s also a good idea to wear sunscreen if you don’t want to tan more then you already are!

Hack #3:  Understand what you are doing on this trip
The general population already knows what is going on when you go camping.  If you don’t ASK!  You will not always be able to wash your hair when you want or need.  If at all possible, practice different hair do’s before you go taking along clips and scrunchies.  The side braid is great if you are having a fire side party.

Hack #4:  Pack Light Make-Up
You don’t want to pack a full fledged make up ensemble.  Not only will it attract the bugs but if you sweat, it will run all over your face.  Not a good look! Do bring a moisturizer though.


Hack #5: Throw the fashion rules out the window
Look you guys and gals. You are going camping, not to a fashion show.  So there really isn’t a need to bring your Gucci purse and Jimmy Choo shoes.  Wear your bikini or swim suit as a top. That’s kind of a sexy look anyways!

Hack #7:  Waterproof Mascara
I know a lot of women won’t leave the house without mascara so throw it in.  You really don’t need a whole lot! Just a wee lift to widen the eyes.

Hack #8: Don’t Care about the Hair and Make-up
Let loose and just relax! You really don’t need to bring a whole lot.  Plus the less you have to carry and bring along, will free you up for more adventures while camping.  Be spontaneous saying “Let’s go do this!” instead of “This adventure will ruin my make up!” or some nonsense like that.  Trust me you will thank me later!


Hack #9:  Bring Dry Shampoo
Some will feel all icky and gross if their hair gets a touch greasy.  To fix that problem, bring dry shampoo.  It soaks up the oil in your hair and is super easy to do.

Hack #10: Bring Make Up Removing Wipes
If you insist on bringing make up, you may want to bring make up removing wipes as well.  You can remove any of last night’s make up before going outside your tent and you can look fresh faced.

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Written by Cleo Neufeld

Cleo Neufeld

Cleo is a mother of one, in her mid-thirties, and she enjoys sharing today’s hottest trends, products, styles and ideas!