Sometimes we all need a fashion tip or two to make your style or wardrobe just that little bit better.  Dads are no exception! Lets go through some together.

Fashion Tip #1:  Know Your Size


While it’s a common thing, most guys  sometimes put on a few pounds when the kids start happening. And if you’re on the older side, gaining weight is a ‘charming’ part of the older man’s path. So, stop trying to fit into pre-father clothes or think you suddenly fit those slim-fit jeans. Make sure to purchase your real size.

Fashion Tip #2:  Neutrally-Blocked

While patterns or prints are not off-limits, going for a look in neutral colours is  gangbusters– think neutrals such as camel, navy, olive green, dark grey, and white. Then, stick to traditional patterns if you want to jazz things up –  pinstripes, checks, micro-dots and plaids. Retire crazy print accessories like pocket squares, ties and socks.

Fashion Tip #3:  Make An Investment


While we sometimes would like to go to stores like Tommy Hilfiger or Oxford, not all of us can afford to do that.  So let me put your mind at ease and say there is NO shame in going to second hand/thrift stores or consignment stores.  It won’t burn a hole in your pocket and sometimes you will find name brand clothing with tags still attached!

Fashion Tip #4:  Know What Brands Work

Skater brands may have been the ‘in’ thing while you were in college. You need to remember your body may have changed slightly over those few years so dressing like your son may not be the best way to go.  Try on a few different brands, you may find you look and feel good in a brand/style that was never appealing to you when you were in college.

Fashion Tip #5:  Accessories are Great!


Now that you have bought your neutral blocks and have your  new clothes, try wearing some matching accessories that will jazz up your outfit.  Try out a watch, maybe a signet ring or a rope bracelet.  You just never know till you try!
Fashion Tip #6:  Brand Less to Impress
When you over do it with the brands, you no longer look like a fashionable dad and actually look like your trying way to hard!  While a wee logo on your shirt is a nice touch, a shirt that is overboard can be seen from quite the distance away.

Fashion Tip #7:  Look To Style Icons

What do Chris Hemsworth, Brad Pitt and David Beckham have in common, (besides being able to bounce a loonie off their backsides)?  They are dads and they look fabulous!  Even though Brad Pit is starting to get up in age, he still dresses really well and looks great doing it!

Fashion Tip #8: Be a Grooming Guru


If you have a beard, keep it groomed!  Can’t grow one?  Keep it clean shaven and don’t let it patch out.  Now, as for the hair, the rule of thumb is to keep it short ( back and sides )with a little extra length on top.   If you are starting to thin,  keep your sides short or buzz it!
A nice scent is a way to keep your youthfulness. Remember to keep it gentle so it is attracting and sexy, not oppressive.

Written by Cleo Neufeld

Cleo Neufeld

Cleo is a mother of one, in her mid-thirties, and she enjoys sharing today’s hottest trends, products, styles and ideas!