Dying your hair is an easy way to change your look, and with companies like L’Oreal and Clairol creating ready-made hair dying kits that you can pick up at any pharmacy or grocery store, dying your own hair has never been easier or less expensive.

But dying your own hair, or even dying the hair of a friend, can be extremely messy, and with the chemicals used in hair dye, if it’s not cleaned immediately, it has the ability to stain your floor, countertops or tub.

Instead of allowing your tub to have unsightly stains from dying your hair, you need to give your tub a good cleaning. But don’t think that hair dye is impossible to remove, because it’s not. Make sure to use the following remedies for an easy clean.


Bleach is one of the best go-to stain removers for hair dye, but only if your tub is a light color. If your tub is a darker color, it’s possible that bleach may do more harm than good and lighten the color.

Make sure that the bathroom is being ventilated while using bleach as a cleaner, so open the doors and windows and turn on your exhaust fan. Mix about ¼ cup of bleach with water and scrub the area thoroughly with a rag or sponge. Once you have removed the stains, you’ll want to wash down the area to ensure that no bleach is leftover.

Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover that has high levels of acetone is another easy way to remove hair dye stains from your bathtub. Simply treat the area as if you were removing nail polish, and dab a bit on a cotton ball and thoroughly scrub the area. Once the area is clean, make sure to wash it down with water.


Vinegar is a cheap and effective way to remove hair dye stains. Dampen a cloth with white vinegar and place it on the stain. Leave it there for about one hour and then wash down with water. This is a great way to remove larger stains with little effort, but it’s most effective when it is performed as quickly as possible before the dye has time to set.

Magic Eraser

Those Magic Erasers by Mr. Clean are one of the best inventions. If every other cleaning tactic you try fails, these will most certainly do the trick. Simply dampen the Magic Eraser and use it like a sponge to thoroughly clean the affected area. The hair dye will be removed almost instantly.

All of these methods are known to remove hair dye stains from bathtubs, but keep in mind that not all cleaning methods are meant for all types of surfaces. To be safe, it’s always a good idea to test a small area of your tub with your preferred cleaning method to ensure it does not damage your tub. Once you know the cleaning method is safe, you can start removing your stains.

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