As much as we watch for ladies clothing trends, we need to keep an eye on the men’s clothing trends as well! Here are some fabulous men’s summer clothing trends.

#1)  The Polo that Fits


We are not strangers to the polo shirt itself, (also called the golf or tennis shirt).  It stands to reason that some of you have been dressed in polo from when you were young.

#2)  Lightweight Cotton Suit


Relax! If you practice how to look calm and cool in a suit, people will assume that you were born to wear one.

#3)  Fragrance


Your cologne is your signature. Create your own look and people WILL notice you.

#4)  Leather Jacket


You could essentially live in this thing! Over a T-shirt with jeans? Awesome! Over a shirt and tie? Even better. Feel free to broaden your horizons.

#5)  Fitted T-Shirt


Yes, you can wear a blazer over it. No, you can’t tuck it in. Ever!

#6)  Broken-In Chinos


Shake things up with a pair in gray or slate blue, colors that stand out and still go with everything.

#7)  Relaxed Sweater


Put it between a collared shirt and a tailored jacket. The  layers give you more options for looks and comfort.

#8)  Standout Dress Shoes


Stay away from wearing dress shoes only with pants. Your wingtips and brogues want to play the field—and they’ll look great paired with distressed denim or chinos.

#9)  Classic Dress Pants


These aren’t your distressed weekend jeans, bubb. Hike that waist up to just below your navel.

#10)  Tailored Sports Shirt


Sport shirts look great just a bit wrinkled. And leave that top button undone, even if you’re wearing a tie.

#11)  Distinctive Accessories


Bracelets, watches, and necklaces are only as good as the quality of their materials. Look for brass, silver, leather, suede, or anything else you can feel proud of.

#12)  De constructive Blazer


It works anywhere you’d rock a normal blazer. Plus, it keeps you from drowning in sweat on hot days.

#13)  Dark Jeans


Straight-leg jeans are versatile enough to combine with anything from a blazer to a baseball jersey.


Written by Cleo Neufeld

Cleo Neufeld

Cleo is a mother of one, in her mid-thirties, and she enjoys sharing today’s hottest trends, products, styles and ideas!